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Prof Lawrence J. Lau: Can Hong Kong’s pandemic-hit economy revive?
Are the Hong Kong Government’s relief measures to fight off a pandemic-induced downturn sufficient to revive the economy? How should the government reignite hope for local businesses?
Back to normal or forging a way forward for sustainable banking?
In difficult times, people naturally crave to “return to normal”, but now is the time to think about how to forge a way forward into a sustainable future. What role does sustainable banking play in this transition?
How should we gear up for greater workplace challenges and fewer jobs?
A.I. is coming to your workplace and machine intelligence will upend an already-ailing jobs market. Which government strategies help a workforce remain competitive by harnessing A.I. to improve processes?
How do we update education systems to be compatible with Industrialisation 4.0?
Industrialisation 4.0 is moving apace and demands education which meets a new era’s demands. We share insights at UNESCO Hong Kong Association Global Peace Centre’s Industry 4.0 and Beyond forum.
What’s the significance of public-private partnerships in tackling COVID-19 pandemic?
As already overburdened public hospitals cater for the needs of COVID-19 patients, how can private hospitals step in to ease the public sector burden, particularly care provision for non-COVID-19 patients?
Does sluggish-government support for technology undermine pandemic fight?
How can innovation technology shore up life-saving equipment shortages as COVID-19’s global confirmed case count blows past the 10 million mark? Will Hong Kong leverage its world-class facilities to fight the pandemic?
Going off the beaten path in Kam Tin South’s brownfield sites.
Our Land and Housing Research Team conducted a series of brownfield site visits in Kam Tin South. Check out our first-hand findings for its future layout and infrastructure development potential.
What expertise do global think tanks bring amid an ongoing public health crisis?
We join hands with a collective of preeminent-international think tanks in formulating action plans to be conveyed to national governments, and the G7 and G20 that address the COVID-19 pandemic.