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Can forging ahead with the Lantau Tomorrow Vision help heal our economy?
The Lantau Tomorrow Vision cost may come as an issue while the pandemic weighs heavily on the public purse but the flip-side to the coin is the mega project’s potential to bolster an ailing local economy.
Can we afford to remain idle as Northwest New Territories traffic piles up?
Northwest New Territories is where the future housing supply lies. Will the Government deliver an infrastructure-driven development plan or will future residents be stranded without transport and community facilities?
What are the three urban planning lessons for our post-pandemic world?
The community dimensions of the pandemic have necessitated sweeping changes in how we interact with our urban spaces. Can sound planning lead to a lasting post-pandemic era by mitigating future outbreaks?
How best can graduates remain on guard against unemployment threats?
Job market casualties keep piling up in the battle with COVID-19, posing unprecedented challenges for job seekers. How should today’s youth best equip themselves for these trying times?
Will a new green bond standard allow us to "build back better" in a post-COVID-19 era?
Green bonds are set for a starring role as the world plans a green recovery from the coronavirus-induced recession, but how could we further diversify the local sustainable finance market?
How can Hong Kong’s economy rebound in 2021?
COVID-19 and social unrest have both weighed heavily on Hong Kong’s economy, but a way forward for the city and its future remains. Can Hong Kong rally forward next year and how best to expedite a robust economic recovery.
How will robotics reshape our healthcare services?
The pandemic makes a strong case for robotics, reducing infection rates by cutting human contacts. Robotics is also helping the hunt for a vaccine. What impact do we expect robotics to have on our healthcare system?
How can we unburden healthcare system in the face of an ageing population?
Hong Kong’s healthcare system is facing growing pressure from a rapidly ageing population What is the role of health financing in helping our system address increasing service demands?