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Strategic land development for jobs: from brownfields to modern logistics
COVID-19 has cemented consumption pattern shifts as online shopping reaches new heights. E-commerce fulfilment is more important than ever but is Hong Kong's logistics industry ready?
Liberating Liberal Studies to boost interdisciplinary thinking skills
How do we determine the breadth and depth of a Liberal Studies topic such as “Should we resume economic activities amid the epidemic?” in order to nurture students' critical thinking skills?
Where do we obtain land to support our logistics industry?
The maxim “An army marches on its stomach” punctuates the importance of supply chains. The battle against the COVID-19 pandemic may be won or lost, hinging on our logistics capacity.
Hong Kong tipped to get express pick of COVID vaccines
A vaccine will be a game changer in overcoming the pandemic and the spread of its protection depends on logistics. Does Hong Kong’s leg up in distribution get vaccines into the hands of Hong Kongers faster?
How can we bring brownfield operators on the redevelopment ride?
Northwest New Territories’ scattered brownfield operations are ripe for reinvigoration through reuse and upcycling. Can facilities be upgraded or resettled while making good use of land for housing and transport?
Is the pandemic an opportunity for Hong Kong to re-industrialise?
The COVID-19 epidemic has disrupted supply chains in all sectors of society and the economy but can Hong Kong turn this crisis into an opportunity and make re-industrialisation a reality?
Will public housing wait times be further extended?
Sub-divided flat households face dire straits with public housing wait times hitting 5.5 years amid a pandemic. We look at the difficulties facing the proposed public housing projects.
How can Hong Kong navigate the pandemic and US-China conflicts?
Are the rumours of divestment and Hong Kong Dollar’s sharp depreciation true? How should Hong Kong cope with rapidly shifting norms brought about by social events, COVID-19, and deteriorating US-China relations?